Our Mission

Search Physio is the No. 1 online directory for Physiotherapists. We work towards connecting Physiotherapists around the world. We provide Physio-Physio & Physio-Patient connection & interaction globally. We have 3 goals in mind:

1. Find a physiotherapist for a patient. She/He can search, consult or get a second opinion from any physiotherapist worldwide.

2. Info about physiotherapy related jobs, events, courses for students & doctors.

3. An exclusive marketplace where you can find various physiotherapy instruments & equipment.

Search Physio provides a platform which benefits both physiotherapist & patient. Previously to find a physiotherapist you had to visit various generic directories. Now all this can be done from Search Physio’s portal within a minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ For Physio

Search-Physio is an initiative of a team of Physios. It’s a database of Physios/Physical therapists which provides Physio-Physio and Physio- Patient connection & interaction globally.

FAQ For Patient

Search-Physio is an initiative of a team of Physios. It’s a global database for Physical therapy/Physiotherapist where you can find a physio near to your place.