Welcome to Search Physio – A Global Physio Portal.  
This is an initiative of a team of Indian Physiotherapists’. The concept of “SEARCH-PHYSIO” began in 2013 and got  finalized & appeared as a website  in 2018. 
We strongly felt that connection and communication matters for personal as well as professional development and wanted to offer a platform through which any Physio can connect  globally .  
So we formed a platform which can be used by Physiotherapists as well as patients.
Our main mission is to provide Physio-Physio and Physio- Patient connection &  interaction globally.
                WHY SEARCH PHYSIO ? 
Today  we have various social networking sites  but  no specific  listing database for physiotherapists . Our platform help Physios to find an Event, Job , Course, Workshop , Conference &  also help  patients  to search, consult and get a second opinion from any Physio throughout the World.
Unlock and enable the power of  Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy.

For details please go to FAQ page.

We are continuously working for developing this website much better. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Please mail us  feedback@searchphysio.com.