• What is Search Physio?

Search-Physio is an initiative of a team of Physios. It’s a database of Physios/Physical therapists which provides Physio-Physio and Physio- Patient connection & interaction globally.

  • How it will help me?

If you are a practitioner it will increase your global visibility. If you are a researcher this data base can be used for your research & survey. If you are a student/academician you can find and post a job vacancy or event/course. If you are business owner then you can sell your product.

In every aspect we try to connect physios world wide.

  •  Can any one post Job,Workshop, Course,Event etc. in Search Physio website?
It is an open platform for all Physios, Employer, Resource person,Seller so any one can post Job,Workshop, Course,Event etc. details here. (Relevant to Physio/Physical-therapy)  
  • I am a student I need this data base for my survey research, is it chargeable?

No, We are happy to help you. We try to promote research. Mail us your questionnaire with a authorized letter. we shall help you.

  • Does Search Physio provide any membership? 
 No and be clear that it’s not any association.
  •  What is the cost of listing Physio practice /Job/ Event / Course / Conferences  ?

As a team of physios we are trying to make every thing easy and accessible here so listing (Profile,Clinic listing , Job, Event/workshop ,Course, sell ) is free here.

We charge minimally only for sponsored advertisement.