Physiotherapy Equipments, Kinesio Tape, Disposable bed sheet, Thera Bands, Electrotherapy

Description : We deal in all sort of Physiotherapy Equipments. We have caliberated with high accuracy electrotherapy like I.F.T., Ultrasound, TENS, CPM,SWD etc We do have original thera band company products like stability trainer, latex free bands etc. All sort of exercise therapy products like kinesio tape, foam roller, swiss ball, bosu ball and other products also available. We do entire clinic set up, so all sort of hospital furniture available. Orthopaedic belts of flamingo and viscco company also available. Acupuncture needle, acupressure mat, massager etc. We deal in Adult diaper, Nebulizer, BP appratus etc as well For any surgical, physiotherapy, ortho belt, splints, exercise therapy, occupational therapy or any other healthcare product requirement kindly visit us. We will be happy to serve you all. We are Based in Pune but we ship product all over India Regards Pratham Surgical Vishrantwadi Pune

Product Info. : Kinesio Tape Korean made. No chinese. 5cm *5 meter roll. Best quality. No single complaint of even itching. Selling same product since 6 year. No brand name put up so you can put your company name as well.

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